Donnalynn ChaseAbout donnalynn (aka dl):

As my spiritual practice deepens, so has my need for creative expression.  At first, words, put onto the pages of my journal or formed into poetry were my primary way of giving meaning to my experiences of the world.  Years ago I discovered that words were not enough in my journal anymore, I also needed color, shapes, images and texture to express my innermost feelings and thoughts and my connection to the Divine. This is when I discovered the magic of art-journaling or keeping a visual journal.

For me, art-making is about soul expression; it’s not always about making something pleasing to the eye.  Something happens within me whenever I create something expressive; something shifts, something transforms. Besides art-making is great fun, which I always need more of in my life. In addition, I know and trust the process of art-making to be not only transformative and fun but also healing and restorative.

Most of my art works are collage and monotypes.  Collage provides me access to images and texture, while monoprinting provides rich, layered shapes and colors.  Combining those two methods with chine collé and acrylics have significantly expanded my vocabulary of expression.  I also am experimenting with haiga (haiku painting) as collage and monotypes.

Recently I have spent many hours creating Artist Trading Cards (ATC) to trade and share with my friends and monthly swap-group. These little 2 ½ by 3 ½ inch cards provide opportunities to experiment with a wide-range of mediums and assemblage which I then apply to larger art-making projects.

My current passion which I have offered many workshops to women and dedicated hours to is the SoulCollage® process. This process, trademarked by Seena Frost, is not intended nor advertised as “art” yet for me creating SoulCollage® cards are not only an extension of my body of art, they are core and essential to my Soul Expression. These precious and personal cards are not for sale or meant for anyone other than myself, yet I love to share them to inspire and encourage others.

I have found art making to be such a profound transformative and authentic process that I offer Soul Expression workshops and make Chase Art Studio available to other artists.  With over ten years of experience focused on creative expression, I am convinced more than ever that the world needs more Soul Expression. Check Soul Expression’s website for workshops, “Becoming an Artist Coaching Program”, and other offerings that may resonate with you.

Exhibitions & Publications:
My collages and art journals have been displayed at The Red Dragonfly in San Jose; my monotypes at San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art and Pacific Art League exhibitions; and my haiga at the Museum of Art in Constanta, Romania.  My haiku and haiga have also been published in Reeds, Geppo, and Mariposa. I’ve also participated in a couple Silicon Valley Studio Weekends as well as opened Chase Art Studio for private sales and viewing.

Since I work (or rather play) with so many images that I find in magazines, catalogues and all kinds of sources, I want to acknowledge all the wonderful artists who have created those images. Thank you for supporting me in my Soul Expression, and thank you to my teachers and clients as well.