This series was born from a large assortment of photographs, post cards, and advertising papers that I had recently collected featuring people and animals.

As I created each piece, I often thought:

How does any animal perceive a human?

What does my dog think of me?

Does she view me as a partner, guardian, companion, bedfellow, or … ?

While making collages with these images, I was trying to imagine how animals view or relate with their people. Of course, my perspective is biased by my unconditional love for my dog, Tesha. When I think of animals, I only sense positive emotions and a mutual co-dependency or symbiotic relationship; nothing ever negative or harmful. This intimate interdependence is core to most spiritual traditions; to care for, to belong with, and to love each other.

What is your relationship with animals?

How do animals help shape your world?


A Pony and my new hat Bow wow wow Boys will be boys Buddies Co Hort Cuddle Bunny For Fun Her Baby Mate for life My first pony ride Playmate Saviors She called him mister They both came Wranglers