Old Renewed

Since I love old books, I can graze through stacks and shelves of old books and boxes of old papers until my sinuses ache from the mold and dust. My husband and I have an extensive collection of old things from milk bottles to music boxes, stereo opticians to tables. In my art studio, I have an extensive collection of old paper and ephemera given to me and collected by me all my life. My art comes from this collection of old books, advertisements, cabinet cards, antique lace and buttons, etchings, Victorian scrapbooks, carte de visite (CdV), autograph books, and more.

At first I was confused what “upcycling” was thinking it was a new concept to experiment with. Silly me! I have been upcycling obsolete papers and ephemera into new collage art for many years. The works in this gallery are created from old book covers, advertisements, cabinet cards and other ephemera. Cabinet cards were a portrait photograph which was popular from 1870 and into the early 20th century.

Old Renewed 1 Old Renewed 2 Old Renewed 3 Old Renewed 4 Old Renewed 5 Old Renewed 6 Old Renewed 7 Old Renewed 8 Old Renewed 9 Old Renewed 10 Old Renewed 11 Old Renewed 12 Faceless Face Let it Rain