Spiritual Expression

How do you speak to the Divine?

Does it differ between traditions?

How do you attend to the Sacred?

Have you ever taken a pilgrimage?

Where is your place of refuge?

I’ve been using collage for several years to attempt to respond to those questions and many more.

Using collage allows me to incorporate images to create something I cannot concretely visualize to draw, paint or print.

As I practice more deeply in my chosen tradition, it has expanded my awareness to honor the myriad forms which people all over the world and in all times live with the Divine. Therefore, my expression is not limited to one set of symbols or metaphors of a particular faith.

In this series of fifty collages, Pilgrims’ Journey, I’ve focused on ancient religions and cultures. Of course, many of them still exist today. What intrigues me is the “conversation” or interaction between an individual and their practice, then and now.

Metaphorically, we are all on a pilgrimage – on a journey of life; to discover the truth of our own life and world.

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